Why Choose A Bed & Breakfast Establishment For Your Holiday Accommodation

Hotel or B&B, this is the choice we face for our Holiday Accommodation – but which is best?

Both have their appeals, no doubt and which is best is a very subjective debate largely depending upon what you want but today we will focus upon the Bed & Breakfast option.

So what are the benefits of staying at a B&B?

  1. A more intimate Service experience. When you stay at a South African Bed & Breakfast, you generally are welcomed by and speak directly to the Owner while you are there. This means you can be absolutely sure of receiving a tailored Stay specific to your needs. There is a greater scope for ensuring your dietary requirements are taken care of (Gluten Free, Allergies etc) for example.
  2. You are a Guest, rather than a Customer. As mentioned above, you often meet the Owner of the Bed & Breakfast you elect to visit because it is their Home. As such, they are welcoming you into their home as a Guest and not simply a Customer, to enjoy their facillities and amenities. They are usually in quieter neighbourhoods and will be more likely to allow you to bring your furry companion along with you.
  3. Meals are Homemade. All food prepared at SA B&B’s is usually home-prepared and wholesome, rather than general restaurant fare. This also means that you can be sure that it is prepared just as you like it.
  4. Local Knowledge. Your B&B Owner will have an intimate knowledge of the local area; an invaluable resource for getting to know where you want to visit especially if you need advice as to what to expect at your destination, how to get around, where the best spots are etc.
  5. Relaxing and Quiet. Due to the very nature of the B&B, it is a smaller, more relaxed setting that has fewer Guests and, often being situated off the beaten track compared to Hotels, it can be a much quieter setting. Indeed, the Bed & Breakfast makes the perfect accommodation for a Romantic Getaway due to the intimacy of their location and service.
  6. Affordability. It is no secret that most B&B’s will be more affordable to stay at. Running costs are generally lower than that of Hotels which is passed on to you, the Guest.
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