What has South Africa got to offer as a Holiday Destination?

Braai’s and Sunny Skies? Well, yes, but a lot more too! 

We are very fortunate in South Africa to be host to one of the most beautiful countries in the World; our landscapes are magnificent, our cities and Culture diverse and Wildlife abundant and impressive. 

Here are my Top Picks as to why SA is such a wonderful place to visit: 
1. Beautiful Scenery
From Table Mountain and the Garden Route to Kruger and the Panorama Route, South Africa offers much in the way of breath-taking vistas. 
The coastline is extensive with many glorious, pristine beaches including those in Kwa-Zulu Natal and the Western Cape. 
The mountain ranges are majestic, the likes of the Drakensberg standing tall. 
If you prefer forests and open savannah, they are plentiful. 

2. Wildlife 
The Big 5 dominates many ‘must-see’ wish lists and so they should however, South Africa’s abundant flora and fauna are widespread and varied. Kruger National Park, St. Lucia Wetlands, a host of Private Game Reserves are just some of the places you will see the Wildlife to tick off on your bucket-list. 

3. Ethnic and Cultural Experiences
The Rainbow Nation! A legacy of the great Nelson Mandela, South Africa has much to offer those who enjoy to immerse themselves in local culture, language and customs. The Cradle of Mankind, Bushman paintings and many other historical treasures await you too as you delve into the deep History of the land. 

4. Great Value for Money
It is without doubt that South Africa is rich in terms of what it offers the Holidaymaker but you do not need to be rich to enjoy it. Here, there is something for everyone and while you can luxuriate in 7-star pampering, so too can you find a great holiday for much, much less. 

5. For all the Family
South Africa is for everyone and kids delight in the many activities this Adventure Capital of the World has to offer. With good hygienic standards, SA is also safe and family-friendly. 

6. Culinary Delights
The famous ‘braai’ (barbeque but better!), Cape Malay curries and Potjies (stews made in a cast iron pot over an open flame) are the tip of a gastronomic ‘iceberg’ as you venture into the food of Southern Africa. 

7. Cape Town and the Wine estates
Consistently amongst the very top cities to visit in the World, CT has much to excite the urban explorer. With its Table Mountain backdrop, it is a photographer’s paradise. 
Moving further into the Western Cape takes you to the vineyards and wine farms that are a major tourist destination all on their own. 

Posted by admin on 24 de julho de 2017

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