Bed & Breakfast Etiquette

You’ve made the decision to stay at a B&B in South Africa and you are on your way. Butwhat should you expect when you arrive? How does the Hospitality play out between you,the Owner and the other Guests?

Firstly, you need to keep in mind that oEen you may be staying at a private Home and whileyou may have access to exclusive zones within the AccommodaHon, you will inevitably besharing some common areas with others who you will likely see repeatedly during your stay.Therefore, you need to apply the same social eHqueKe as you would in anyone’s Home thatyou visit.

To get the most out of your stay, ensure that you have communicated everything you expect and would like to have access to in advance. If you need confirmaHon of parking, special dietary requirements, the acceptance of pets, disabled access or even just out-ofusual hours arrival and departure Hmes, make sure you have conveyed these to your Bed & Breakfast before you arrive. If you are going to be later than understood for an unexpected reason such as a delayed flight, communicate that to the B&B.

One of the appeals of the South African Bed & Breakfast experience is the home-cooked local meals. However, you mustn’t feel that you are obliged to partake if you would rather try a local Restaurant that you have seen or simply sleep in past Breakfast Hme. It is your Holiday, you need to do what you feel will give you the best Hme. However, do inform the
Staff or Owner so that they do not begin any preparaHons for you.

If you do dine in or relax in the shared areas, don’t be shy, speak to the other Guests. In doing so you may learn some useful Hps as you plan your next day’s adventure. In this regard, the Owner and Staff will also be able to greatly assist you too with their vast local knowledge.

The Bed & Breakfast experience in South Africa is one that is truly not to be missed and one that can feel very special when everything seems effortless and natural.

Posted by admin on 21 de agosto de 2017

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